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Introduction to LFPAK33 MOSFETs

Automotive power MOSFET package technology has greatly evolved over recent decades.  Since the 1990’s when DPAK was introduced and subsequently dominated the market, Nexperia have been leading the way with package innovation, from the first copper-clip LFPAK56 in 2003, through to the more recent compact LFPAK33.  The LFPAK33 offers ultimate MOSFET performance in a 3x3mm footprint. 

The gullwing leaded design provides flexibility to absorb thermal and mechanical stresses, increases board-level reliability, and allows automatic optical inspection.  The combination of LFPAK33 robustness and our latest Trench 9 superjunction technology provides an ideal solution to automotive design challenges demanding high performance and high reliability, and opens up the suitability in powertrain applications whilst offering 84% space efficiency compared to the traditional DPAK choice.

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