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How to Select a Power Management Component for Your Application

electing the right component for your power management application can be a challenge. This video will help you to get familiar with different power management components and describes the selection criteria for finding the optimal component:

- When to select a LDO (low-drop-out) regulator?
- When to select a Buck (step-down) converter?
- When to select a Boost (step-up) converter?
- When to select a Buck-Boost converter?
- What do you need to protect a USB port?
- What do you need to charge your Li-ion battery?
- What are LED drivers?

The video will teach you the basic principles of LDOs (low-drop-out linear regulators), Buck (step-down) converters, Boost (step-up) converters, Buck-Boost converters, USB port protection, Li-ion battery chargers, AC/DC flyback & PFC controllers and LED drivers.

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