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Download or order our BJT Application Handbook. This Design Engineer’s Guide is a unique collection of technical materials and application examples. Providing a better understanding of bipolar transistors, their fundamentals, thermal considerations, and application insights.

Like all our Design Engineer’s Guides, the BJT Handbook is intended to be a practical, comprehensive, and up-to-date reference work written by engineers for engineers.

An essential resource by engineers for engineers: BJT Application Handbook

Today, billions of NPN and PNP bipolar junction transistors are used in a diverse range of applications. The microelectronics industry has experienced massive innovation, which has resulted in minute device structures, nonetheless, discrete BJTs still maintain their relevance. These humble devices have themselves continue to evolve, with newer materials like silicon carbide now enabling environmentally sensitive electric vehicles that meet the performance and range requirements customers expect.

This handbook provides useful guidance on common topics and issues that the design engineer is likely to encounter. Engineers interested in thermal properties, packaging, reliability, and applications will gain practical insights. The handbook is intended as a ‘go-to’ reference, for those looking for technical information, fundamentals and design ideas.

This reference work represents the collected knowledge of some of our industry’s most respected experts.

BJT Design Engineer’s Guide’s Content

The Bipolar Junction Transistor

Datasheet Parameters

Thermal Considerations

BJT packages

Quality and Reliability

Application examples

Simulations & Software Analysis

Get your free BJT Application Handbook copy Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) Application Handbook

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