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Battery Technologies Specialization


What you'll learn

 Course 1: Participants will learn basic operating principles of battery design for maximizing energy and power density for automotive applications.

Course 2: Participants will learn active material, chemistry and manufacturing processes in various Zn and Ni battery selection and size applications.

Course 3: Participants will learn active materials, chemistry and manufacturing processes as they relate to Li based primary batteries.

Course 4: Participants will learn components of battery management systems, cell balancing, state of charge and state of health estimation.

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Specialization - 5-course series

 This Specialization is about building an in-depth understanding of Batteries in Electric Vehicles Scenarios. The courses comprise topics such as Batteries and their types, applications, architecture, Cell Chemistries, Battery Charging its Modes & Standards, Battery Management Systems, Cell Balancing, Wire Harness, and Battery Connectors. 

Applied Learning Project

This Specialization will include a lab project in Course 5. Learners will select a topic from one of the five courses and prepare a lab report on developments in technology, current research, potential environmental impacts etc. Reports will be peer reviewed and submitted in module five of course five.

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