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MOSFET & GaN FET Application Handbook A Power Design Engineer’s Guide


Download: MOSFET & GaN FET Application Handbook A Power Design Engineer’s Guide


Understanding power MOSFET data sheet parameters

Designing in MOSFETs for safe and reliable gate-drive operation

Using power MOSFETs in parallel

Power MOSFET single-shot and repetitive avalanche ruggedness rating

Using RC Thermal models

Designing RC snubbers

Half-bridge MOSFET switching and its impact on EMC

Failure signature of electrical overstress on power MOSFETs

LFPAK MOSFET thermal design guide

Maximum continuous currents in Nexperia LFPAK power MOSFETs

Thermal resistance (junction to ambient) of LFPAK power MOSFET

H-Bridge motor controller design using Nexperia MOSFETs and logic ICs

Power and small-signal MOSFET frequently asked questions and answers

Small-signal MOSFETs

Leakage of small-signal MOSFETs

DC-to-DC conversion with small-signal MOSFETs

Load switches for mobile and computing applications

Level shifting techniques in I²C-bus design

Power GaN FETs

Understanding Power GaN FET data sheet parameters

Power GaN technology – Applications, quality, reliability and scalability

Power GaN technology: the need for efficient power conversion

Circuit design and PCB layout recommendations for GaN FET half bridges

Probing considerations for fast switching applications

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