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Introductory Circuit Analysis by Robert L. Boylestad

The most widely acclaimed text in the field for more than three decades, Introductory Circuit Analysis provides introductory-level students with the most thorough, understandable presentation of circuit analysis available. 

Exceptionally clear explanations and descriptions, step-by-step examples, practical applications, and comprehensive coverage of essentials provide students with a solid, accessible foundation.

The growing sensitivity to the technologies on Wall Street is clear evidence that the electrical/electronics industry is one that will have a sweeping impact on future development in a wide range of areas that affect our lifestyle, general health, and capabilities. Even the arts, initially so determined not to utilize technological methods, are embracing some of the new, innovative techniques that permit exploration into areas they never thought possible. The new Windows approach to computer simulation has made computer systems much friendlier to the average person, resulting in an expanding market which further stimulates growth in the field. 

The computer in the home will eventually be as common as the telephone or television. In fact, all three are now being integrated into a single unit.

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