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Engineering Circuit Analysis by William H. Hayt , Jack Kemmerly , Steven M. Durbin

Engineering Circuit Analysis is most suitable for engineering students. In this book, learners are acquainted with the intricacies of linear electric circuits from a practical engineering perspective. 

This edition of Engineering Circuit Analysis contains 19 chapters aimed at developing methodical problem-solving skills of the learners. It enables the learners to apply the concept of computer-aided analysis to verify calculations done manually as well as the solutions to open-ended problems. The book has a learner-friendly approach.

There are more than 1000 new and revised end of chapter problems including the introduction of Chapter Integrating Exercises at the end of each problem set. The text provides lots of opportunities for hands-on learning. The concept of active filters including the analysis and design of multiple-stage Butterworth filter has been explained in detail. Basic terms are clearly defined and explained in detail. 

There are ample numerical problems complementing the subject matter. Information on MATLAB and PSpice has been updated.

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