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USB Redriver and Type-C Solutions

USB Type-C is a connector interface that combines different USB connector
types, as well as video and power connectors, into a single, small and
reversible USB Type-C interface that can enable up to 40-Gbps data
throughput while supporting multiple protocols and providing power delivery
up to 100W.

For high-speed data, signal conditioners, such as redrivers, can increase
Type-C  system performance. Based on your data, video or power application
needs, your system design will require you to carefully select your signal
chain multiplexer (mux) and CC or PD controller to meet your desired
specifications. This video explores multiple USB Type-C design
considerations and provides system solutions for a variety of USB Type-C

Download the TUSB212 data sheet

Download the HD3SS3220 data sheet

Download the TUSB1002A data sheet

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