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Wireless and Cellular Telecommunications by William C. Y. Lee

The Internet is obviously a good place to gather a great deal of information. However, technical books such as Wireless Telecommunication pull many pieces of information together and provide a range of general topics that readers can then understand as a whole. This is why the Internet cannot replace textbooks and why I believe textbooks will remain a
valuable source of information in the future.

As I recall, I finished writing the first edition of Wireless Telecommunication in 1986,
but the manuscript was evaluated by McGraw-Hill for almost a year before it entered
production. The reason for the delay was that McGraw wondered if readers would actually
be interested in learning about cellular systems. I’m happy to say that with the publication
of this third edition, the answer was clearly yes.

When the first edition was published in late 1988, it was still the only book available worldwide on the topic of cellular communications. Before long, I was receiving compliments on the book—how one reader read the book to prepare for an industry job (in this brand-new industry) and landed the position, how informative another reader found the
book, etc. 

But I also receive other compliments as “I always carry this book because the book fits well in my briefcase”, or “I like to read the book because it is light and easy to carry.” I know those readers really spoke from their heart. I thanked them from my heart. The third edition, while a bit longer, a bit heavier, can still be pocketed, yet containing even more updated information on wireless telecommunication technology—and can be glanced at just before a job interview to another brand new field today named broadband wireless access (BWA) which will create its new and growing market and probably will evolve toward 4G era in the future. Good luck to those readers.

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