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Cmos: Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation (IEEE Press Series on Microelectronic Systems) by R. Jacob Baker

The Third Edition of CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation continues to cover the practical design of both analog and digital integrated circuits, offering a vital, contemporary view of a wide range of analog/digital circuit blocks including: phase-locked-loops, delta-sigma sensing circuits, voltage/current references, op-amps, the design of data converters, and much more. Regardless of one's integrated circuit (IC) design skill level, this book allows readers to experience both the theory behind, and the hands-on implementation of, a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) IC design via detailed derivations, discussions, and hundreds of design, layout, and simulation examples.

Chapter 1 Introduction to CMOS Design 1
Chapter 2 The Well 31
Chapter 3 The Metal Layers 59
Chapter 4 The Active and Poly Layers 83
Chapter 5 Resistors, Capacitors, MOSFETs 105
Chapter 6 MOSFET Operation 131
Chapter 7 CMOS Fabrication by Jeff Jessing 161
Chapter 8 Electrical Noise: An Overview 213
Chapter 9 Models for Analog Design 269
Chapter 10 Models for Digital Design 311
Chapter 11 The Inverter 331
Chapter 12 Static Logic Gates 353
Chapter 13 Clocked Circuits 375
Chapter 14 Dynamic Logic Gates 397
Chapter 15 VLSI Layout Examples 411
Chapter 16 Memory Circuits 433
Chapter 17 Sensing Using AE Modulation 483
Chapter 18 Special Purpose CMOS Circuits 523
Chapter 19 Digital Phase-Locked Loops 551
Chapter 20 Current Mirrors 613
Chapter 21 Amplifiers 657
Chapter 22 Differential Amplifiers 711
Chapter 23 Voltage References 745
Chapter 24 Operational Amplifiers I 773
Chapter 25 Dynamic Analog Circuits 829
Chapter 26 Operational Amplifiers II 863
Chapter 27 Nonlinear Analog Circuits 909
Chapter 28 Data Converter Fundamentals by Harry Li 931
Chapter 29 Data Converter Architectures by Harry Li 965
Chapter 30 Implementing Data Converters 1023
Chapter 31 Feedback Amplifiers with Harry Li 1099

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