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Linear Integrated Circuits by Choudhary D. Roy, Shail B. Jain

The book is designed primarily for courses in operational amplifiers and linear integrated circuits for Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Computer Engineering, and Applied Science students. The text has been written in a style to enable students to self-study. Examples are provided throughout the book to help the students assimilate the material covered. 

The text is so designed that the teacher may hardly need to consult reference books. It offers fabrication technology for IC’s, a wide array of op-amp 741 applications, 555 timers, 565 PLL, linear voltage regulator IC’s, 78/79XX, 723, AD/DA converters, active filters using 741, switched capacitor filters and OTAs in a comprehensive manner. In this new edition in multi-color, many important topics have been added to make it more comprehensive and useful. The material has been re-organized more logically and a separate chapter on Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) with more applications is the major highlight of this edition.

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