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Principles of Electronics by V.K Mehta , Rohit Mehta

This book is written specially for the students preparing for diploma, B.Sc., AMIE, BE/B. Tech and other engineering examinations. It also meets the needs of those readers who want to gain sound understanding on the topics.

Table of Contents :
Electron Emission • Vacuum Tubes • Vaccum Tube Rectifiers • Vacuum Tube Amplifiers • Gas-Filled Tubes• Atomic Structure • Semiconductor Physics • Semiconductor Diode • Transistors • Transistor Biasing • Single Stage Transistor Amplifiers • Multi-Stage Transistor Amplifiers • Transistor Audio Power Amplifiers • Amplifiers With Negative Feedback • Sinusoidal Oscillators • Transistor Tuned Amplifiers • Modulation And Demodulation • Regulated D.C. Power Supply • Solid State Switching Circuits • Field Effect Transistors • Silicon Controlled Rectifier • Electronic Instruments • Integrated Circuits • Hybrid Parameters • Digital Electronics • Index

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