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Physics of Semiconductor Devices by S.M. Sze , Kwok K. Ng

This classic reference provides detailed information on the underlying physics and operational characteristics of all major bipolar, unipolar, special microwave, and optoelectronic devices. It integrates nearly 1,000 references to important original research papers and review articles, and includes more than 650 high-quality technical illustrations and 25 tables of material parameters for device analysis.

Since 198 1, more than 250,000 papers on semiconductor devices have been published, with numerous breakthroughs in device concepts and performances. The book clearly needed another major revision if it were to continue to serve its purpose. In this Third Edition of Physics of Semiconductor Devices, over 50% of the material has been revised or updated, and the material has been totally reorganized. We have retained the basic physics of classic devices and added many sections that are of contemporary interest such as the three-dimensional MOSFETs, nonvolatile memory, modulation-doped field-effect transistor, single-electron transistor, resonant-tunneling diode, insulated-gate bipolar transistor, quantum cascade laser, semiconductor sensors, and so on. On the other hand, we have omitted or reduced sections of less important topics to maintain the overall book length.

We have added a problem set at the end of each chapter. The problem set forms an integral part of the development of the topics, and some problems can be used as worked examples in the classroom. A complete set of detailed solutions to all end-of- chapter problems has been prepared. The solution manuals are available free to all adopting faculties. The figures and tables used in the text are also available, in electronic format, to instructors from the publisher. Instructors can find out more information at the publisher’s website at http://ww.

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