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Semiconductor Characterization Specialization


What you'll learn

Students will identify characteristics of complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) materials and devices.

Students will distinguish among different types of semiconductor characterization.

Students will apply their understanding of different measurement techniques to real-world situations.

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Specialization - 5 course series

This specialization provides an overview of how semiconductors are characterized. After a review of semiconductor basics, the courses cover electrical, electron beam, ion beam, x-ray, and optical measurement techniques for semiconductor materials and devices. Topics covered include diodes, MOSFETs, microscopy, and spectroscopy. Skills in semiconductor characterization are important for many careers in electrical engineering, including the ever-changing field of electronic device manufacturing.

Applied Learning Project

The projects in this specialization are focused on the real-life problems that students might encounter in the semiconductor processing field. Each project is a case study in which students apply what they’ve learned in the course to solve the problem presented. The goal of the projects is to simulate the kinds of problems students are likely to face in the workplace. 

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