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Autonomous Vehicle Engineering Specialization


What you'll learn

How to schematize a real system

How to mathematically model multi-physics systems

How to analyse experimental measures

How to build Matlab/Simulink models

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Specialization - 3 course series

This specialization is intended for students seeking to explore the Autonomous Vehicle sector, which is undergoing profound transformation in today’s world. It offers a general overview of modern electronic and information technologies used in the Automotive and Aerospace fields and provides skills for several industrial sectors.

Through the courses you will develop a multidisciplinary know-how: the all-important big data management, the principles of modelling and simulation of mechatronic systems, and how to develop the specifications for safe autonomous flight systems. 

Today an aircraft can fly without a pilot and there are many different applications of autonomous systems, for example delivering a pizza directly to your home. Learn how the planes can find the right trajectory, recognise and avoid obstacles, and turn or increase speed. 

The lessons focus on case studies in three engineering fields: robotics, controlled electro-hydraulic actuators and smart devices.

Applied Learning Project

Case studies and practical examples will enable learners to  improve the potential of mechanical systems by transforming them into mechatronic systems based on virtual models.

The application of specific Matlab tools will provide learners with a working knowledge of integrated navigation systems and Auxiliary Navigation Systems.

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