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Modern Power Electronics and Ac Drives by Bose B.K (Author) pdf

Power Electronics and AC drives is crucially important in a wide range of modern systems, from household appliances to automated factories-and it requires cross disciplinary expertise. This book contains the subject from A-to-Z, i.e., power semiconductor devices, electrical machines, different classes of converters, induction and synchronous motor drives with control and estimation, and AI techniques (expert system, fuzzy logic and neural networks). The author discusses these key points and many more- • Modern power semi-conductor devices, converter circuits, and electrical machines. • High-performance control of induction and synchronous motor drives • Energy saving control • Estimation, identification and sensorless control of drives. • Al techniques such as expert system, fuzzy logic, and neural network applied to power electronics and drives. • Use of MATLAB-based toolboxes in simulation and design • Today's technology challenges-projection to the future. Today's technology innovation make it possible to deliver higher performance, lower cost power electronics and drives for a wide range of industrial, commercial, military, utility, and residential applications. Besides being a useful text for undergraduate and postgraduate level courses in electrical engineering, the book can also serve as handy reference for professionals.

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