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Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics by Rajeev Bansal pdf

Electromagnetics is too important in too many fields for knowledge to be gathered on the fly. A deep understanding gained through structured presentation of concepts and practical problem solving is the best way to approach this important subject. Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics provides such an understanding, distilling the most important theoretical aspects and applying this knowledge to the formulation and solution of real engineering problems.

Comprising chapters drawn from the critically acclaimed Handbook of Engineering Electromagnetics, this book supplies a focused treatment that is ideal for specialists in areas such as medicine, communications, and remote sensing who have a need to understand and apply electromagnetic principles, but who are unfamiliar with the field.

Here is what the critics have to say about the original work

"…accompanied with practical engineering applications and useful illustrations, as well as a good selection of references … those chapters that are devoted to areas that I am less familiar with, but currently have a need to address, have certainly been valuable to me. This book will therefore provide a useful resource for many engineers working in applied electromagnetics, particularly those in the early stages of their careers."
-Alastair R. Ruddle, The IEE Online

"…a tour of practical electromagnetics written by industry experts … provides an excellent tour of the practical side of electromagnetics … a useful reference for a wide range of electromagnetics problems … a very useful and well-written compendium…"
-Alfy Riddle, IEEE Microwave Magazine

Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics lays the theoretical foundation for solving new and complex engineering problems involving electromagnetics.

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