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Switch-Mode Power Supplies, Second Edition: SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs


THE LATEST SPICE SIMULATION AND DESIGN TOOLS FOR CREATING STATE-OF-THE-ART SWITCHING POWER SUPPLIES Fully updated to incorporate new SPICE features and capabilities, this practical guide explains, step by step, how to simulate, test, and improve switch-mode power supply designs. Detailed formulas with founding equations are included. Based on the author's continued research and in-depth, hands-on work in the field, this revised resource offers a collection of the latest SPICE solutions to the most difficult problem facing power supply designers: creating smaller, more heat-efficient power supplies in shorter design cycles.

NEW to this edition:

Complete analysis of rms currents for the three basic cells in CCM and DCM

PWM switch at work in the small-signal analysis of the DCM boost and the QR flyback

OTA-based compensators

Complete transistor-level TL431 model

Small-signal analysis of the borderline-operated boost PFC circuit operated in voltage or current mode

All-over power phenomena in QR or fixed-frequency discontinuous/continuous flyback converters

Small-signal model of a QR flyback converter

Small-signal model of the active clamp forward converter operated in voltagemode control

Electronic content--design templates and examples available online

Switch-Mode Power Supplies: SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs, Second Edition, covers:

Small-signal modeling * Feedback and ciontrol loops * Basic blocks and generic switched models * Nonisolated converters * Off-line converters * Flyback converters * Forward converters * Power factor correction

Hard Copy: Switch-Mode Power Supplies, Second Edition: SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs

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