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Electronic Circuits Fundamentals : with Mathcad Examples


Book philosophy:

The philosophy adopted in this book focusses on students’ understanding of the underlying principles and logic behind the subject or a topic in a simple and clear approach. By mastering the fundamental concept(s), students will develop the confidence that will allow them to apply their knowledge to any new problem or situation.

Book coverage:

This book presents the theory and applications of BJT, MOSFET and Op amp, as active devices organized in nine chapters:

Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT)

Field Effect Transistors (FET)

Multistage Amplifiers

Basic building blocks for integrated circuits amplifiers

Differential Amplifiers

Operational Amplifiers

Power Amplifiers

Frequency Response

Feedback Circuits

Key features of the book:

Concentrate on the underlying principles and the logic behind the topics being presented.

Presents important and fundamental topics in a simple way.

Theory and applications are presented in a compact form but with all necessary information needed for students’ understanding.

The theory is discussed through examples.

The examples given show all solutions’ steps.

More than eighty examples are provided, some of them are design cases.

Mathcad examples are given.

Students will be able to understand the operation of electronic circuits and small systems.

They will also be able to design simple circuits.

A modified and simplified technique for analyzing ‘multistage amplifier’ is introduced.

A companion website ‘’ gives extra resources for students.

Mathcad programs used in the book are available for download from the website.

Inexpensive book that is affordable by students around the world.

Hard copy: Electronic Circuits Fundamentals: with Mathcad Examples

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