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Switching Power Supply Design by Abraham Pressman pdf

 The World's #1 Guide to Power Supply Design_Now Updated!

Recognized worldwide as the definitive guide to power supply design for over 25 years, Switching Power Supply Design has been updated to cover the latest innovations in technology, materials, and components. This Third Edition presents basic principles of all the commonly used topologies, providing you with the essential information required to design cutting-edge power supplies.

Using a tutorial, how-to approach, this expert resource is filled with design examples, equations, and charts. The Third Edition of Switching Power Supply Design features:

Designs for all the most useful switching power supply topologies

The basic principles required to solve day-to-day design problems

A strong focus on magnetics design

New to this edition: a full chapter on choke design and quasi-resonant switching methods

Get Everything You Need to Design a Complete Switching Power Supply

• Fundamental Switching Regulators • Push-Pull and Forward Converter Topologies • Half- and Full-Bridge Converter Topologies • Flyback Converter Topologies • Current-Mode and Current-Fed Topologies • Miscellaneous Topologies • Transformer and Magnetics Design • High-Frequency Choke Design • Bipolar Power Transistor Base Drives • MOSFET Power Transistors and Input Drive Circuits • Magnetic Amplifier Postregulators • Turn-on, Turn-off Switching Losses and Snubbers • Feedback-Loop Stabilization • Resonant Converters • Waveforms • Power Factor, Power Factor Correction • High-Frequency Power Sources for Fluorescent Lamps • Low-Input-Voltage Regulators for Laptop Computers and Portable Electronics • Phase-Shifted Zero-Voltage Transition Full-Bridge Converter

Hard Copy: Switching Power Supply Design, 3rd Ed. Kindle Edition by Taylor Morey (Author), Abraham Pressman (Author), Keith Billings (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

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