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How to Select a Resistor for an LED - Another Teaching Moment | DigiKey Electronics

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) convert electrical energy into light energy and are the most popular devices used for status indication, visual enhancement, communication or general lighting applications. LEDs turn on when voltages above its typical forward voltage are applied but they are not not able to regulate current flow which leads to premature burnout unless a current limiting device is included in the circuit. This video details the use of Ohm’s Law and the Digi-Key website for selecting the correct current limiting resistor for any discrete LED to ensure proper operation and lifespan. Learn more about: Digi-Key’s Blog – TheCircuit - Another Teaching Moment - How to Select a Resistor for an LED Connect with Digi-Key on Facebook And follow us on Twitter LEDs - Surface Mount Resistors – Through-hole Resistors -

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