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2D LIDAR Using Multiple ST VL53L1X Time-of-Flight Sensors

Learn how to create a 2D LIDAR application using nine of ST's VL53L1X Time-of-Flight sensors.

The VL53L1X_ULD API is a set of C functions controlling one, or many VL53L1X sensors to enable the development of end-user applications. This Lidar application is an extreme example of how to control multiple sensors. The VL53L1X_ULD is an optimized version of the initial VL53L1X driver. The P-Nucleo-53L1A1 is the basis of the hardware. The 9 sensors are the VL53L1X-SATEL.

Each Sensor ranges 13 times to cover the 20 degrees of coverage. At that rate, one gets 6 complete updates per second. All sensors range simultaneously. The ranges are slightly modified by the STM32 to account for the geometry and sent to the PC for plotting.

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