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Overview of WBG and SiC Capabilities

Learn more about WBG and SiC here

Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) are the next generation materials for high performance power conversion and motor control. These Wide Band Gap (WBG) materials will power future applications for high performance.

Market trends and tightening industry standards are driving the need for more energy efficient products. Power supplies and solar inverters need higher efficiency and increased power density. Electric vehicles are constantly pushing for more miles per charge and faster charging times.

Wide Band Gap technologies provide advanced performance:
    Faster Switching
    Lower Power Losses
    Increased Power Density
    Higher Operating Temperatures

This performance is aligned with future market demands and trends:
    Higher Efficiency
    Compact Solutions
    Lower Weight
    Reduced System Cost
    Increased Reliability

Key applications for Wide Band Gap devices:
    Solar Boost Converters and Inverters
    Power Factor Correction
    Electric Vehicle Charging
    Uninterruptible Power Supplies
    Server & Telecom Power Supplies

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