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Which is better ECE or EEE?

Both the streams are better in their own way. I will comprise difference between ECE and EEE for better understanding.
  • Electronics and communication Engineering(ECE):
  • Electronics part:
  1. ECE people always studies about transistor ,thyristor(scr,mosfet,igbt etc),integrated circuits like clipper,clamper,oscillator, multivibrator etc.
  2. In order to work with these circuits ,they need only low power (say approximately 5–15V). So, we can say ECE is a stream which requires low power for their work.
  3. They are dealing with low power application.
  • Communication part:
  1. In this part ,ECE people dealing with how to transmit and receive ,telephonic and radio signal(FM,AM,PM) in an efficient way to reduce distortion.
  2. They mostly dealt with frequencyspectrum during transmitting and receiving of such signals.
  • Electrical and Electronics engineering:
  • Electrical part:
  1. We are getting power supplies to our utility ..Right? But it generally involves three process . They are:
  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Distribution
  • Generation:
During Generation, especially in india they generates(16.5kv,21kv etc). The generating voltage changes depending upon the capacity of the power plant.
  • Transmission:
During transmission,the generated voltage is stepped up into even more higher voltages (765kv,400kv,220kv,110kv,66kv ) in order to reduce the line losses.
  • Distribution:
From distribution station ,voltage is stepped down and the required power (440/220v)is supplied to the consumer.
  1. So,EEE streams people studies about how to transmit and receive power in an efficient way. That is, to design circuit breakers , proper connection of generators in bus bars, compensating devices like shunt capacitor,series reactor,static VAR ,FACTS devices etc and especially to maintain the power factor using capacitor banks,suppressors etc.
  2. They are dealing with high power process . Obviously we can say they are working with High power application.
  3. Likewise ECE ,EEE people also studies electronics concept because during conversion of AC-DC and DC-AC there will be some inefficiency in power conversion due to the electronics components inside the power converter . So,it is necessary to study about electronics concept also.
  4. But here unlike ECE ,all the electronics components are working with high power rating .
Hope you people will understand that both the streams are essential and important in their perspective.
Thank you.

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