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Why NMOS is widely used compare to PMOS?


NMOS (N-channel MOSFET) and PMOS (P-channel MOSFET) are two types of MOSFETs with complementary properties. NMOS is widely used compared to PMOS for several reasons:

  • Mobility: Electrons have higher mobility compared to holes, which makes NMOS devices faster and more efficient than PMOS devices.

  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing process for NMOS devices is simpler and less expensive compared to PMOS devices. This is because PMOS devices require extra doping steps, which increases the complexity and cost of manufacturing.

  • Voltage levels: NMOS devices can handle higher voltage levels compared to PMOS devices, which makes them suitable for use in high-power applications.

  • Compatibility: Most modern digital circuits use NMOS devices as the primary building blocks, and complementary circuits are created using both NMOS and PMOS devices. This compatibility has made NMOS devices more prevalent in digital circuit design.

  • Power consumption: NMOS devices consume less power compared to PMOS devices, which makes them more suitable for use in portable devices.

Overall, the higher performance, lower cost, and compatibility with modern digital circuit design make NMOS devices more widely used compared to PMOS devices. However, PMOS devices are still used in complementary circuits and analog circuit design where their unique properties are beneficial.

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