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Key differences between ASIC and SOC:

 Design Process:

** ASICs are designed from scratch to meet a specific set of requirements, while SoCs are built around an existing processor architecture (X86, ARM, RISC V), and incorporate a combination of pre-designed and custom built components.


** ASICs can not be reprogrammed, while SOCs can be reprogrammed to add a new functionality or modify existing features.


** SOCs integrates multiple components onto a single chip, including the processor, memory, and peripherals, while ASICs may only integrate a few components, such as memory and I/O.

Time to Market:-

** SOCs time to market quicker than ASICs, because of its pre-designed components.


** ASICs are designed to deliver high-performance for a specific task, while SOCs are designed to provide balance of performance and flexibitlity.


** ASICs are more expensive, while SOCs can be cost effective.

Power Optimization:-

** ASICs can be optimized for power optimization, while SOCs may not be as power efficient due to its pre-designed components.

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