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Probability - Random Variables and Stochastic Processes by Athanasios Papoulis , S Pillai

Probability, Random Variables, And Stochastic Processes were designed for students who are pursuing senior or graduate level courses, in probability. Those in the disciplines of mathematics physics and electrical engineering will find this book useful. The authors have comprehensively covered the fundamental principles, and have demonstrated their usage by incorporating examples of basic applications. 

This edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, and has a co-author too. About 30% of the material is new, with a large number of additional examples which will help students understand the theory better. The design of the textbook has undergone some changes to make the flow of the content smoother.

The first part of Probability, Random Variables, And Stochastic Processes contains eight chapters. The third chapter, titled Repeated Trials, contains a new section on Bernoulli’s theorem. In the chapter, The Concept of a Random Variable, students will be able to learn about different probability distributions. 

The fifth and sixth chapters have new and have rewritten examples. The chapter on Statistics has a new section, which is dedicated to Parameter Estimation. The second part of this book focusses on Stochastic Processes and has new sections on Poisson processes. Two brand new chapters, focussing on Markov Chains and Processes and Queueing Theory.


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