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Digital computers have made possible many scientific,industrial,and commercial advances that would have been unattainable otherwise.our space program would have been impossible without real-time, continuous computer monitoring,and many business enterprises functions efficiently only with the aid of automatic data processing.

computers are used in scientific calculations,commercial,business data processing,air traffic control, space guidance, the educational field, and many other areas.

like these areas in many applications we used the concepts of digital circuits.It was clearly understandable in many applications once we go through the concepts intensively.

The general purpose digital computer is the best known example for a digital system.Discrete elements of information are represented in a digital system by physical quantities called signals. Electrical signals such as voltages and currents are the most common. the signals in all present day electronic digital systems have only two discrete values and are said to be BINARY. 

Number systems: 

Different number systems are used in digital circuits those are specially, decimal, binary,octal, hexa decimal.

Decimal number system with base 10
Binary number system with base 2
Octal number system with base 8
Hexa decimal number system with base 16

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