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Würth Elektronik Webinar: How to select the proper capacitor for your design

The approach of the seminar is to provide you the wright criteria to support you with capacitor selection for your particular design. The criteria and effects, which are import to keep in mind for the proper selection, are the basic topics of this seminar as well as selection criteria and advices for the following capacitor technologies:

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors / Aluminum Polymer Capacitors
- Design In – rules and advices
- Life estimation – criteria and calculation
- Possibilities for cost down

Film Capacitors
- Why film capacitors are needed for particular applications
- Which criteria and aging behaviors need  to be taken into account for product selection

- Proper selection and dimensioning based on dependencies and tolerances
- DC Bias effect and how to deal with it
- Microphonic effect / cracking

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