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What is Serial Digital Interface (SDI)?

Download and install TINA-TI, the preferred simulator used exclusively with TI Precision Labs. http://www.ti.com/tool/tina-ti This is the first video of a two-part series discussing Serial Digital Interface (SDI), which is used for video transmission in television stations, high-end video capture and storage applications. In this video, we'll teach you about the elements involved in the SDI signal path and the effects of its transmission media, 75-ohm coax. We'll also discuss its characteristics and explain how SDI data coding and framing helps improve the performance of SDI components. Download and install the Analog Engineer's Calculator. http://www.ti.com/tool/ANALOG-ENGINEE...

Download the Analog Engineer's Pocket Reference e-book. http://www.ti.com/amplifier-circuit/o... Search TI SDI products, including cable equalizers, drivers, relockers, cross-points, SerDes and video retimers. http://www.ti.com/interface/sdi/overv...

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