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what is desat protection in gate driver ?


Desaturation (Desat) protection in a gate driver is a feature that is designed to protect power electronic switches such as MOSFETs and IGBTs from over-current conditions that can lead to device failure or damage.

Desaturation occurs when the voltage across the switch rises above its rated voltage due to a short circuit or other fault condition. This can cause a large amount of current to flow through the switch, leading to overheating and ultimately failure of the device.

A gate driver with desat protection monitors the voltage across the switch and if it detects that the voltage has exceeded a certain threshold, it will immediately turn off the gate drive signal to the switch, thereby preventing the flow of excessive current through the switch. The desat protection circuit typically includes a fast-response comparator and a dedicated desaturation detection circuit that can sense the voltage across the switch.

By providing this level of protection, desat protection helps to ensure the safe and reliable operation of power electronic systems, particularly in applications that are subject to high levels of stress or harsh operating conditions.

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