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How does mobile phone fast charging work?

This video explains the technology behind fast charging in mobile phones, from early phones with linear chargers to the most advanced high power Direct-Charge-Divide/2 systems. We discuss different battery types, special charging systems like Qualcomm’s Quick-Charge QC2.0/3.0 and the new USB-C Power Delivery charging systems, covering Direct Charge and Direct Charge-Divide/2 systems that can deliver charging powers up to 45W without overheating.

We hook up an oscilloscope and USB-PD analyzers to different smartphones like Galaxy Note 10+ to examine their charging behavior in detail.
We will also tell you about next-generation smartphone charging technology like Direct Charge-Divide/4 and dual-cell battery systems.

Related Richtek products: RT9467: 5A Switching charger (high current switching charger application) RT9471: 3A Switching charger (medium current switching charger application) RT9465: 3A Slave switching charger (high current switching charger application) RT9748: Smart Load Switch (Direct Charge) RT9759: Capacitive Divider (Direct Charge Divide/2 system) RT1716: USB-PD 3.0 Power delivery controller (sink side) RT7755: USB-PD Flyback controller (USB PD Adapter) RT7220B: Synchronous rectifier controller (USB PD Adapter) RT7206A: High integration USB-PD controller (USB PD Adapter source side) RT7207K: High integration USB-PD controller with synch. rectification (USB PD Adapter source side) RT1731: Cable ID (for high current & active cables) RTQ7880-QT: USB Type-C PD and PWM Buck-Boost Controller with AnyPowerTM and PD Safe® Features (AEC-Q100 automotive graded USB Type-C PD car chargers) Some handy measurement tools that were used in this video: RIDEN TC66 and XYZ studio ZY1271 USB power monitors; Total Phase USB-PD protocol analyser.

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